Chorizo and Monterey Jack Stuffed Yuca Cups with Cilantro Lime Mojo

Ingredients (4)

8 TIO JORGE® yuca cups

8 ounce(s) fresh chorizo

1/4 cup(s) chopped cilantro

1/2 cup(s) grated Monterey Jack cheese

1 cup(s) fresh lime juice

1 tablespoon(s) lime zest

1/4 cup(s) agave nectar

1 cup(s) chopped cilantro

3 tablespoon(s) chopped garlic

1 teaspoon(s) cumin powder

1 teaspoon(s) kosher salt


  1. Combine chorizo, cilantro and cheese.
  2. Deep fry yuca cups for 2-3 minutes in 350°F preheated oil (Note: fry from frozen state).
  3. Place 1 oz. of chorizo mixture into each yuca cup.
  4. Place into preheated 350° oven.
  5. Cook for 12-15 minutes or until chorizo is at an internal temperature of 165 degrees.
  6. Place lime juice, lime zest, agave nectar, cilantro, garlic, cumin powder and kosher salt into a blender.
  7. Puree for 1 minute.