Reaching new customers through catering services



Reaching new customers through catering services.


More and more, catering services are an important source of income in the foodservice industry. Their popularity is growing because catering offers customers the convenience of being able to order food and host events for any occasion.



Consider taking advantage of this opportunity to boost your sales!



According to Technomic, 20% of respondents said they would consider ordering catering services compared to only 7% in 2009.2 So with careful planning, operators looking to expand and diversify could find catering services a particularly lucrative source of revenue. Read the following tips from Sysco® to get started or to improve your existing program.



To build a successful catering program, consider developing a unique menu tailored for these services. This can be simpler and shorter than your regular menu. But whatever food items you offer on your catering menu, it’s important that they display the same quality and flavor as your regular menu offerings. Also, remember to properly equip your commercial kitchen to fulfill special orders.





Catering can comprise a number of different services, from private events inside or outside your business, to home deliveries, to carry-out orders. Consider which services are best suited to your operation, taking into account the difficulties of each. For example, carry-out orders are the easiest, private events at your location are a bit more complicated, while full-service catering at an off-site location is the most demanding.4



Make sure your customers are aware that your restaurant provides these new services and is available to cater corporate or personal events with the same level of quality they’ve come to expect. You’ll soon be generating more revenue, diversifying your offerings, and increasing the loyalty of your customers by making your brand part of their most cherished events.



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