Sysco NRA Pantry Challenge


We are happy to announce the winner of the 2015 NRA Pantry Challenge, Hacienda Vieja in Iowa. Hacienda Vieja will be awarded with a $1000 credit towards Sysco products!

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show took place in Chicago, IL on May 16 – 19. The Sysco Hispanic Segment participated with a booth and hosted the Pantry Challenge. Several glass jars containing different spices, grains, and other ingredients used in the preparation of Latin American cuisine were on display at the booth. The challenge consisted in participants guessing the contents of the 10 marked containers.

Below are the answers to the names of the 10 items featured at the Hispanic booth for the Pantry Challenge:

1.    Cayenne Pepper/Pimentón
2.    Lima Bean/Frijol de Lima
3.    Cumin/Comino
4.    Chili Pepper/Chile Piquín
5.    Chili Powder/Chile Piquín en polvo
6.    Black Pepper/Pimienta negra
7.    Turmeric/Cúrcuma
8.    Hibiscus/Jamaica
9.    Pre-cooked White Cornmeal/Harina de maíz pre-cocida
10.    Oregano/Orégano

Thank you for visiting our booth and we hope to see you next year!