Peruvian Ceviche


Pangasius(3-5 oz)
2 oz broken shrimp
1 orange
1 c orange juice
1 c coconut milk
1 t chopped cilantro
1 t diced tomato
1 chopped serrano chile
½ oz sliced red onion
1 fresh lime


1. Cut the fish into 3 long strips and then cut across thinly. Together with the fish, poach the shrimp and fish in salted hot water, not boiling. Poach ½ way and chill in the cooler not ice water.
2. Mix together the rest of the ingredients and season with salt and pepper. Mix together and serve in a martini glass.
Note: make sure that when serving this dish, that it is very cold for the colder the more refreshing taste it will have.